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MedGem & BodyGem​

Microlife Medical Home Solutions


Kits designed and priced to meet government budgets

FREE standard shipping for all orders




GSA Pricing - Take Advantage!



Our purchase options are designed to allow you to build a metabolism-based weight management program. Start with one of Microlife’s MedGem/BodyGem kits and add the options to develop the right program for your wellness facility.


  • MedGem Solution Kit

  • MedGem System Kit

  • BodyGem System Kit



  • Individualize your patient’s nutritional needs

  • Measure resting metabolic rate with the MedGem or BodyGem

  • Complete your weight loss program



  • Move Program

  • Semper Fit

  • U.S. Air Force

  • Inpatient Nutrition Programs


Join your colleagues that are already incorporating RMR: 

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