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The BodyGem device is a handheld, portable and profitable tool that gives you an accurate RMR measurement result in 10 minutes or less. It is the fitness model and is used by many personal trainers.

RMR is the unique number of calories an individual burns each day without exercise or activity, and accounts for up to 75% of their total calorie needs. An accurate RMR measurement provides the definitive answer when creating a personal program for each of your clients. This means that whether you’re working with a client to lose weight, build strength or complete their first fitness event, the plan you prepare will be based on their needs and deliver the results expected. 


BodyGem is an evidence-based solution for wellness professionals that follow international and national guidelines for treating excess bodyweight.


Why Does it work?



BodyGem allows wellness professionals to implement the American Dietetic Association recommendations with an accurate assessment of metabolism for developing nutrition plans.  BodyGem offers a personalized approach to weight  management by providing the single best piece of information available in developing your nutrition
plan — your metabolism. In addition, studies have consistently demonstrated that personalized nutrition plans are better at helping you lose or maintain weight.

Personalized Client Report

Create A Report with BodyGem Software Analyzer

  • Determines caloric needs based on Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), occupational activity, sleep schedule and exercise.

  • Individualizes Macro and Micro nutrient needs for pediatrics to adults.

  • Determines Percent Body Fat, therefore, no need to use other Body Fat Analyzers.

  • Provides clients with an educational report that thoroughly explains energy balance.

  • Empowers your clients to succeed!



THE BIGGEST LOSER  uses the BodyGem's sister device, MedGem®, to help monitor metabolic changes during drastic weight reduction.

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