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GRAND OPENING - Fitness in the City​​

Posted on 05.23.2013 by Loan Kim Hau I Fitness I Fitness Events I Fitness Concerts I

I was fortunate to be a part of the opening of the most ENERGETIC and MOTIVATING fitness movement in Denver – FITNESS IN THE CITY!   At the grand opening, family & friends came together to start the movement off right with good music, healthy snacks & food, and a taste of what classes are offered.  Supporters included Dry Soda Co, CorePower Yoga, KIND, and much more.  FITC is not just a workout facility; it is home to a group of people that have now become family over the years.  It is a network that is brought together by a common passion – FITNESS!  I remember attending Fluent Fitness’s first boot camp a few years ago.  I was pulling tires in freezing degree temperature with, about.. hm… maybe 10 others?!  Yes, tiny me! Over the years, it has grown tremendously as the group continued with their boot camps, created the OMG Fitness Concert, and let’s not forget about The Annual Fitness on the Rocks.  These trainers are devoted  to their personal belief in fitness and influenced hundreds and hundreds of their fans.  Today, these trainers call themselves owners to their new home: FITNESS IN THE CITY.  They are excited to build their family and reach out to all that may want fitness, need fitness, or get to know fitness. HIGH FIVE! Congratulations!​


FITC can meet just about anyone’s taste of exercise from Zumba to Body Combat to MMA conditioning. They use ViPr Tubes, aqua bags, ski rowers, and much more!  I did mention ALMOST everyone’s taste because if you’re looking to hang upside down and chase penguins as a form of exercise, FITC may not have that, but I’m pretty sure they can accommodate.  For the schedule, click below. 

It doesn’t stop there! Next up..


The 3rd Annual Mass Workout and Health Fair. July 30th 2013.
Last year’s event drew in more than 6,000 people!!  Awesome music, great trainers, and it don’t cost you anything.  Did someone say FREE? If you like fitness or want to meet others with a fitness mind, what better place than this for that reason?  This year’s event will be bigger with health coaches and vendors on site to meet your health fitness needs.


Yes, I will be there!   Not that you are wondering or anything. :-)  Being part of my own family where everyone supports each other and where all the siblings gets along resembles exactly what I see at Fitness In The City.  As a sister to Hong Hau and a sister- in- law to Alex Chapman, the founders of these projects, I can see how they have created a warm, inviting atmosphere to their FITC family.

Not only that, their passion for a concept so much in dire need of practice in the midst of a world, plagued with obesity and health related illnesses, has brought good news that fitness doesn’t have to be a heavy task. Their devotion creates an atmosphere of euphoria where losing weight and staying fit is like a fun, family  activity.   This place is one thing in life that isn’t too good to be true!


I,  myself,  have a background in fitness. I will be at The Annual Fitness on the Rocks to introduce my fitness tool – The BodyGem®.  Sound familiar?  THE BIGGEST LOSER uses the BodyGem’s sister device, MedGem®, to help monitor metabolic changes during drastic weight reduction. Will this little guy make you lose weight? No, but it plays a huge role in the planning phase of weight loss. The BodyGem® & MedGem® measures your Resting Metabolic Rate(RMR).  Your RMR is the amount of calories that your body burns while you are resting, not sleeping, but just resting.  With this number, you will be able to determine your daily calorie budget that will then help you achieve your target weight in your desired timeframe.
Are you a personal trainer?  Contact me to see how I can help personalize a program to help your clients.

Further comments or questions can be addressed to me or a health care professional that carries this product.  Or you can simply look for me at Fitness on the Rocks! More information at


Don’t forget to register for this FREE event.
See you there!


Yours in health,​

Loan Kim Hau I email: I Phone: 303-881-8273 I

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